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Mapbook – Unifying Geospatial Data Management with Ease

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Streamlined GIS Administration through Advanced SaaS Solutions  Schedule a Demo

  • Key Features: 
  • - Advanced GIS Administration: Unify and administer geospatial data seamlessly. 
  • - User-Friendly Interface: Easily upload data and create maps with a simple web form. 
  • - Support for Various Formats: Compatible with shapefiles, json, csv, kml, and kmz. 
  • - Real-time Collaboration: Enable teams to collaborate on mapping projects in real-time. 
  • - Customizable Layers: Tailor maps to specific needs by adding and customizing layers. 
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Mapbook, our GIS platform, redefines geospatial data management. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it integrates advanced open-source projects within a user-friendly interface. Easily upload raster and vector data in various formats through a web form, supporting shapefiles, json, csv, kml, and kmz. 

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